Round 2 of college life in the Big Apple has officially begun! Hooray for another year of fun, food, and friends! Oh, and I guess school and studying too*.

A couple of friends and I took advantage of our last few moments of (relatively) blissful freedom to kick off our second year in style. There’s nothing better than fangirling over Jane Austen with two of my favorite English majors (thanks, Jennifer and Anvita!) while pigging out on some of the best food in the city! Seriously though, Pride and Prejudice is one of the best books ever written, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

And this most adorable French-style restaurant in West Village, Buvette, was the perfect place to discuss all things Darcy and Bingley, Bennet and Lucas. It has a quaint rustic charm with the teeny tiny menus and the wooden tables placed cozily close together, and while Caroline Bingley probably would have considered the setting terribly provincial, not even she could have complained about their excellent service or even better food. And though we didn’t have the chance to sit in their garden, we could tell through the window that it was magical.

All of us were starving and we held absolutely nothing back. I went for the waffle sandwich, which consisted of an egg sunny-side up and bacon sandwiched between two pieces of Belgian waffles all drenched with maple syrup.


Can we say food porn?

The waffles had a soft and fluffy texture without any crisp, and though they were completely drenched in maple syrup, they weren’t soggy. The batter packed an extra buttery punch that, far from making the waffle taste too heavy, added to the overall fragrance of the dish and paired beautifully with the high-quality syrup. The bacon was oh-so-crispy and had that ineffable fresh-from-the-farm taste that only comes from the best meat. While the egg wasn’t cooked too thoroughly to be sunny-side-up as advertised on the menu, the yolk was still soft and chewy without being too dry, and again there was a sweetness to it that proclaimed its freshness. The maple syrup, instead of being too sweet or cloying to properly contrast with the smoky bacon and savory egg, unified everything in a perfect quartet. While such a breakfast would probably be categorized as American comfort food, and while I will forever worship the first person who came up with the “wafflewich,” Buvette put their own little French twist on it to bring it to the next level. It also helped that the portion wasn’t unreasonably huge; I polished it off with a comfortable feeling of satiation in my stomach.

Perhaps even more popular are their steamed egg dishes, which consist of toast with a topping and steamed scrambled eggs. The crunchy toast contrasts perfectly with the egg, which is softer, silkier and less greasy than your traditional scramble, and the toppings are jam-packed with flavor. Definitely a must-try.

In Buvette I’ve found another favorite NYC brunch spot, and I can’t wait to go there again! Next time I’m bringing Pride and Prejudice with me.

Rating: 5/5 spoons

*Alas, these are not optional. Most of the time.